The Anatomy of a Smart City

The anatomy of a smart city. What technologies and systems are needed to make them a reality? [infographic] #smartcities


Latest News From RE.WORK

Here’s the latest news and events from the RE.WORK team. 

5 top things you’ll learn at the RE.WORK Technology Summit in Berlin in June:

  1. Open Design. How will it impact your business and product development? What new culture is the maker movement creating? 
  2. What is biomimetics and why should we be paying attention to nature around us for a new source of inspiration for innovation and new technological ideas?
  3. How will smart materials with properties such as ‘self-healing’ disrupt your industry?
  4. What impact will the internet of things have if we open up the platform and encourage a bottom-up approach to innovation and integration?
  5. An overview of emerging technology trends that are going to shape the future. 

Emerging Trends in Robotics


If you missed the AI & Robotics Innovation Forum last month you can now catch all the videos from the event here.

3 Things You Should Know:

  • We’re hosting a #tweetchat on new technology disrupting education on Wednesday 23 April, 1-2pm. Get in touch for more info and follow #edtechchat
  • We’re planning our first supper club in June. It’s an exclusive event to chat with experts in emerging technology and to ask RE.WORK speakers your own questions over dinner. Email to apply to attend. 
  • RE.WORK is a part of London Technology Week, taking place 16-20th June. Register to attend our Future of Education event here

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Nikita and the RE.WORK team.

5 top things you’ll learn about from the RE.WORK Technology Summit in Berlin this June:

1. Open Design. How will it impact your business and product development? What new culture is the maker movement creating? 

2. What is biomimetics and why should we be paying attention to nature around us for a new source of inspiration for innovation and new technological ideas?

3. How will smart materials with properties such as ‘self-healing’ disrupt your industry?

4. What impact will the internet of things have if we open up the platform and encourage a bottom-up approach to innovation and integration?

5. An overview of emerging technology trends that are going to shape the future. 

#reworktech 19-20 June, 2014.


Latest News from Team RE.WORK

Here’s the latest news and events from the RE.WORK team. 

RE.WORK Technology Summit Berlin, 19-20 June


On 19-20 June, 200 influential technologists, entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, and government officials will come together at the RE.WORK Technology Summit in Berlin to explore how innovative ideas in science, technology, and entrepreneurship are reshaping society and business.

The first line up of speakers have been released for the summit. The agenda includes:

  • Jamie Paik, Director of Reconfigurable Robotics Lab at EPFL. Jamie leads a team researching Robotic Origamis (Robogamis) - a new innovation in the development processes for creating robots to transform their body shape and functionality to interact and adapt to their environment;
  • Erik Schlangen, Chair of Experimental Micromechanics at Delft University of Technology, who will be sharing his latest developments in self-healing concrete and it’s disruptive impact on urban landscapes;
  • Raúl RojasProfessor of Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin is currently developing an autonomous car;
  • Jens Bauer, a Mechanical Engineer at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has developed high-strength micro-architected lightweight material that is lighter than water and as strong as steel with huge disruptive potential;
  • Bradley Nelson, the Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at ETH Zurich, a pioneer in microrobotics and nanomedicine.

** Super Early Bird tickets are currently available at less than half price and end on Friday 28 March **

Topics covered at the summit include:

 Register your Super Early Bird Pass by Friday

RE.WORK’s first Startup Stage

We’re really excited to announce our first Startup Stage at the RE.WORK Technology Summit in Berlin - ‘Shaping Tomorrow - a platform to showcase new businesses and innovation that embody cutting-edge technology and science, but also the potential to have a positive impact on business and society. Sectors showcased will include: energy, big data, robotics, biotech, nanotech, medtech and 3D-printing.

Startups will present their cutting-edge technology, potential for impact and any challenges they’re facing that they would like feedback on.

The deadline to apply is 16 May. 


Robotics Forum: Photos and Media

The first AI & Robotics Innovation Forum was held at the Hub Westminster in London on 13 March.  

You can view photos from the event here. They event is also featured in Factor andCityAM.

Videos from the event will be available on our YouTube channel soon.

RE.WORK Speakers in the News & Interesting Articles


Nikita and the RE.WORK team.

RE.WORK updates on events, speakers and more…

Discover the Future of Robotics with Leading Experts

We’re bringing together world experts in assisted living, autonomous transport, intelligent robotics and agricultural robotics to explore how advancing technology in AI and robotics is going to impact business and society in the future. 

The AI & Robotics Innovation Forum will take place on 13th March at the Hub Westminster, London.

The Autonomous Car: Meet Paul Newman, Professor at the University of Oxford and the head engineer of the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group, developing an autonomous car.

Agricultural Robotics: Discuss precision farming, smart machines and the next revolution in agriculture with Simon Blackmore, Head of Engineering at Harper Adams University.  

Assisted Living: The Shadow Robot Company will share their latest technological developments and Tony Belpaeme from Plymouth University will discuss robotics in healthcare and education.

Intelligent Robotics: Nick Hawes, Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Robotics at the University of Birmingham will share research on robotics in human environments.  

View the full speaker line-up for the AI & Robotics Innovation Forum on 13 March in London. 

**Prices increase tomorrowFriday 28th February.**
 Register Your Place

RE.WORK Technology Summit, London, September

The second RE.WORK Technology Summit will take place in London on 18-19 September. You can view the first speaker line up here

Confirmed topics include: wearable technology, touchless gestures, human-robot interactions, human ageing, swarm robotics and smart materials. 

We’ve also got new additions to this year’s summit including a startup stage, a supper club and site visits. Get in touch for more info! 

RE.WORK Speakers in the News & Interesting Articles

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Nikita and the RE.WORK team.

Here’s all the latest news from the RE.WORK team.

2 for 1 tickets for the RE.WORK Technology Summit in London

** 2 for 1 Tickets released on TUESDAY 11 FEBRUARY **

On 18-19 September, the repeat RE.WORK Technology Summit will take place in London, bringing together over 300

innovators, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and strategists to explore how rapidly emerging technology is going to impact society and industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, energy, cities and transport. 

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, who will be presenting on how to use the full potential of new technology in your business;
  • Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer at SENS Foundation and world-leading scientist in combating the ageing process;
  • Alan WinfieldProfessor of Electronic Engineering at the University of West England whose research focuses on the engineering and scientific applications of Swarm robotics Intelligence;
  • Sriram Subramanian, Co-Founder of Ultrahaptics, a startup developing technology to provide the physical sensation of touch in mid-air;
  • Lee Cronin, Regius Chair of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow, whose research explores self-assembly and self-organisation in Chemistry to develop functional molecular and nano-molecular chemical systems.
** Today is your last chance to apply for a 2 for 1 pass
before the ticket release on Tuesday **


AI & Robotics Innovation Forum

13th March, London.

The next 15 years are predicted to see mass hybridisation between humans and robots. As robotics are becoming increasingly more intelligent, their ability to speak, understand natural language and see will allow their interaction with humans to become more prevalent. How will their increase presence in society affect our workplaces, industry and homes?

This forum will bring together industry experts and world-class researchers to understand the key challenges to increased automation in areas such as agriculture, assisting in caring for elderly in the home and transforming manufacturing in a new industrial revolution.

View the full speaker line-up for the AI & Robotics Innovation Forum on 13 March in London. 

RE.WORK Speakers in the News & Interesting Articles

  • Professor Simon Blackmore, who will be presenting at the AI & Robotics Forum in March discusses swarm robotics and agriculture in the Guardian.
  • The GPS Shoe, contains a tracking device in the heel to keep track of wandering alzheimer’s patients
  • Tomorrow’s Innovators Need Challenges And Opportunities Today - Forbes
  • 10 robots to watch in 2014 - Huffington Post

Deep Learning: the smart artificial intelligence revolution

We’re launching a new RE.WORK summit this week. The Deep Learning Innovation Summit, taking place in San Francisco in January 2015. 

The event will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in deep learning and their impact on business & society.

Will smart artificial intelligence finally rival human intelligence?

We’re bringing together a global line-up of experts to share case studies and discuss the latest technological developments in the field. 

Check out further info here.

Tickets will be launched for the RE.WORK Technology Summit on 18-19 September on TUESDAY 11th FEBRUARY! 

Apply for your 2 for 1 voucher now!!

RE.WORK Latest News

We’re going to start introducing a weekly blog post from @teamrework to let you all know what exciting things we’ve been up to and what’s coming up in the next few months for RE.WORK…

1. RE.WORK Technology Summit, 19-20 June, Berlin

We’ve just launched the line-up for the first 5 speakers at the summit. Already we’re covering robotics, recycling, autonomous cars, pollution reduction, self-healing road…and there’s plenty more to come!

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Raul Rojas, Prof of Artificial Intelligence, Freie Universitat Berlin - currently developing an autonomous car
  • Tuomas Lukka, Co-Founder, Zen Robotics - developing robotic recycling technology
  • Allison Dring, Co-Founder, elegant embellishments - the inventor of a decorative facade module that reduces air pollution in cities
  • Jamie Paik, Director of Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, EPFL - the creator of origami robotics
  • Erik Schlangen, Chair of Experimental Micromechanics, Delft University of Technology - developing self-healing concrete

You can register your super early bird ticket here

2. AI & Robotics Innovation Forum

As well as the two-day RE.WORK Summits, we’re also launching a series of innovation forums, the first of which is on artificial intelligence and robotics and will feature 30 top innovators, technologists, scientists & entrepreneurs to meet for an exploration session on key emerging technology trends.

Confirmed speakers include: Nick Hawes, Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Robotics, University of Birmingham, and Graham Southorn, Editor of BBC Focus. 


3. Apply for 2 for 1 tickets for the RE.WORK Tech Summit in London

The RE.WORK Technology Summit will be taking place in London again in September this year, but it will take place over 2 days with evening events, startup competitions, showcase areas and site visits across the city. 

Apply for your 2 for 1 ticket for the summit here

4. RE.WORK Speakers in the News & Interesting Articles

In other news…

2013 was a busy year at RE.WORK! Here’s a snap shot of our activities last year. 

Innovating Smarter Urban Centers for a Sustainable Future

Lisa A. Chase, Writer and Editor, Harvard University Graduate School of Design 


Photo: Shutterstock

The future lies in the world’s cities. For an expanding and increasingly mobile global population, for policy-makers, developers and designers, the focus is on the urban landscape. Yet the prospect of more than half the world’s projected 9 billion people living, working and doing business in cities from New York to Shanghai presents daunting challenges. By 2030, twelve megacities will each be home to more than 20 million people.  Yet municipal governments in both highly industrialized and developing economies are financially and politically constrained in their ability to accommodate these rapidly expanding populations. Simultaneously, the planet faces critical natural resource scarcity and potentially devastating climate-related impacts. How can urban planners, politicians and designers reconcile these competing and conflicting trends to craft cities that are vibrant, efficient, socially and environmentally sustainable?

On December 13 at London’s historic Tobacco Dock, RE.WORK Cities will explore these questions and present provocative – and potentially surprising – solutions for crafting the 21st century urban landscape. Moderators including The Guardian‘s Jemima Kiss and the BBC’s Simon Frantz, along with  thought-leaders from academia, business and the public sector, will explore how design and technology are shaping intelligently designed, highly livable and environmentally balanced cities. Policy-makers, entrepreneurial technologists and designers including Mischa Dohler of Kings College London, founder Marc Pous and Carlo Ratti, Director of MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, along with luminaries from Columbia University, the BBC and IBM will envision the future of the global built environment.  Presentation topics will include the future of urban mobility, environmental efficiency and sustainability, the role of the internet in creating smarter and more equitable cities, and the concept of the urban center as a living, breathing, biological ecosystem.

While increased urbanisation challenges cities to provide resilient infrastructure and public services while reducing natural resource use and environmental impacts, RE.WORK Cities will showcase the rich potential to create more efficient, socially and environmentally equitable urban spaces.  The focus at RE.WORK Cities will be on creative and intellectually collaborative solutions, rather than high-volume keynote speeches and personalities. The global challenges are urgent, the possibilities are limitless, and the future of the world’s cities will be shaped by bold and disruptive thinking.  RE.WORK Cities is your chance to be part of the 21st century urban solution.


GOOD presents the first-ever GOOD City Index


GOOD’s Human Possibility Issue (hitting newsstands December 18) dives into the first-ever GOOD City Index. Weighing factors like civic engagement, transportation, green space, diversity and work/life balance, GOOD editors culled the data and solicited a network of global correspondents from all over the world to create a provocative and improbable compendium of 50 cities of “possibility.”

GOOD thinks humans are awesome. If you do too, you might enjoy an entire issue of devoted to “human possibility” in it’s myriad, and sometimes unlikely, forms. Subscribe to GOOD today and receive the Human Possibility Issue before it hits newsstands.

RE.WORK Cities attendees will receive copies at the event!

Robotic Tractors for crops on sloping roofs designed by RE.WORK Cities Summit speaker Carlo Ratti, Director of MIT Senseable Cities Lab. 

“In the context of new technologies and new urban challenges, there is a great opportunity to create new living, breathing design ecosystems. At the RE.WORK summit, I’m looking forward to interacting with leading scientists and urbanists, and discussing how new technologies can create buildings and cities that are more adaptive, regenerative, and alive.”

David Benjamin, Founding Principal at The Living.